Home News Private school teachers set to receive Shs100k each as Covid-19 relief fund.

Private school teachers set to receive Shs100k each as Covid-19 relief fund.

Over 300,000 teachers in the private sector in both the primary and secondary level will receive a sum of Shs100,000 in the latest COVID-19 relief cash out.

The permanent sectary for Ministry of Gender, Labour, and social development, Kibenge Aggrey, the Chief Administrative Officer’s (CAO),Town clerks of cities and municipalities and private teachers who missed out on the government cash out last year will each receive Shs100,000.

Mr. Aggery Kibenge says an international NGO that focuses on poverty alleviation and Humanitarian relief via livelihood cash transfer approached the ministry recently with additional funds to support vulnerable people impacted by COVID-19.

The permanent sectary further says the government has decided to extend the package to private teachers.

Teachers eligible for the program include those who are not on the government payroll, teachers registered or licensed by the ministry of education or have proof of submission of application for registration, teacher who were registered by ministry of education before the lockdown in covid-19 in march 2020.

The beneficiary must not have benefited from the June –  September 2021 relief cash handout and must have a mobile money number registered in there names.

Headteachers of private schools both primary and secondary have been urged to upload data of eligible teachers through an online portal (cash relief.mlsd.go.ug).

The headteachers must also attach payroll data for one month of either January ,February or march as evidence of salary payment. the payroll must include a signed payment roster, bank instruction/statement or mobile money statement depending on how salaries are paid.


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