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Producer Didi’s Ex-Baby Mama Nakyanzi Sheds Tears As She Pleads for Child Support

Faded city music producer Didi, real name Abdul Karim, is under spot after his ex-baby mama Nakyanzi Pollin appeared in the media with tears rolling down her cheeks accusing him of child neglect.

The mother of one disclosed that ever since Producer Didi was released from prison in 2014, he has never stepped up to dully take on his fatherly duties for their daughter.

Ms. Nakyanzi explained that she went public after several failed attempts to reach her baby daddy as she seeks child support which includes school fees for their daughter.

Speaking out during an interview with Sanyuka television’s Kawalya Isaac Kayz, Nakyanzi revealed that Didi sired a child with her but he last met with their child, Kombigo Hellen Kandi when she was only two years old. The girl is now 8 years old.

“Didi got me pregnant after I finished school. He promised to take care of me and the baby. He gave his daughter a name after birth but ever since he got problems he has never come back to the child’s life, My daughter keeps asking me about the dad but I have nothing to tell her. She is eight years now and not schooling. I want Didi to come and see his child and also look after her ” Nakyanzi said.

She requested Producer Didi to do her a favor and love their child as much as he can and take good care of her even though the two could have fallen out.


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