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Ps. Wilson Bugembe Rebukes Alien Skin’s video glorifying Satan

The Worship House Church celebrity lead pastor, Wilson Bugembe, has rebuked Fangone Forest singer Patrick Mulwana a.k.a Alien Skin for the recent video he made in which he was seen praising the devil.

In this particular video, Alien Skin turned a popular Luganda gospel song into a devilish one. He replaced the word God with Satan.

He said that the devil has set him free from bondage and praised him to be to her (the devil).

Bugembe on stumbling on this video warned the Sitya Danger singer to be careful with his words reasoning that most of his fans are not devil worshippers.

He added that Alien Skin’s fans don’t support him because of the Devil’s work on him thus stating that most of Alien Skin’s fans are God-fearing.

He requested forgiveness on behalf of the Fangon forest boss but cautioned him to be careful and not let pride and ego get the better of him.

“He must know that most of his fans don’t like satan. Many of them when they go home in the evening, kneel down and pray. I ask them (fans) to forgive him, but he should never do it again.”

“We have all been there, although some of us did not reach the point of glorifying Satan. He has achieved so much in a short period of time. Today, even just talking about him you have to be careful but I just want to tell him that satan has nothing good to offer to him.”
Alien Skin is, however, still tight-lipped about the words and statements he made in the video that went viral.
At the moment, his fans are waiting to hear him apologize or disregard the statements he made.


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