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RA Avenue Is A Platform To Discover Talents, Music, Artists

RA Avenue was founded out of a passion for music. The platform, which started in 2020, helps people discover their talents in music, artists, and Entertainments.

Over the years RA Avenue has evolved and grown, but its ethos has remained the same.

As an independent record label under MPM that is staffed entirely by music lovers, RA Avenue is dedicated to shining a light on the passionate people and communities around the world that make music tick and discover talents.

RA Avenue believes that local scenes are at music's and entertainment’s core.

It’s in these communities where artists get their first gigs, and where promoters throw their first parties.

It’s where like-minded people with a shared passion for music connect and collaborate, on sounds, stories, and friendships.

                      RA Avenue purpose

RA Avenue exists to champion music culture and Entertainment.
                     RA Avenue mission
RA Avenue’s mission is to be Uganda’s leading platform for music, Arts, and entertainment.

Through creativity and innovation, talent discovery, and charities, help build a more sustainable ecosystem, the music industry for the whole community.


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