Home Entertainment Rabadaba did not have a share of my cake – Lydia Jazmine

Rabadaba did not have a share of my cake – Lydia Jazmine

LJ Music singer Lydia Jazmine came out and rubbished all rumors that have been boiling in people’s heads that she was once used and dumped by Rabadaba.

The “Masuka” singer maintained that her friendship with Rabadaba has remained solid reasoning that the time they were close they had no intimate relations.

She explained to those that have been spreading and thinking that she gave out her sumbie to Rabadaba saying it is not true.

Lydia Jazmine emphasized that her past relationship with Rabadaba when she was still a struggling and back up artist was only music oriented.

She further noted that if they had a relationship affair or if they had dated at least their would be signs that would indicate that they are not in good terms with each other however much they would try to play it cool and hide in public domain.

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