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Rahmah Pinky Joyful To Have Turned 18-Years-Old

Team No Sleep singer Rahmah Nanyanzi alias Rahmah Pinky is joyful to have turned 18-years-old.

The “Picha” singer says she has waited for this day for the whole of her life to come so that she officially becomes free to do whatever she wills.

She Allah for keeping her safe for all this long and she feel the new age looks good on her.

“Turning 18 has been the most awaited moment in my life…..Allahumudulillah for my new age .. proudly a cancer BIG 18 looks good on me”, Ramham Pinky

She rose to the limelight as singer Sheebah Karungi’s replacement at TNS after Sheebah opted out of the group.

Her rise came with a lot of controversy with upcoming artists based overseas claiming that she had stolen her first single from them.

Happy birthday Pinky, cheers to your new age!


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