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Rickman Threatens Quitting Music Over Being Labeled Upcoming Artist

Musician Rickman Manrick is considering quitting music over claims of being labeled an upcoming artist repeatedly.

The “Ebango Baliwanika” singer posed the threat via his X platform saying he loses sleep over that issue because of the efforts he invests in his music.

He questioned what he did to deserve such kind of treatment from music lovers before he added how he is considering quitting singing and joining the film industry.

Well, it’s not clear whether he meant this or if he was just playing a sympathy card to bait people into listening to his new album.

Since Ugandans on social media love violence, they told him to go ahead and do so. This is because he has run his race, unfortunately, he can’t get to the finish line.

“I can’t sleep, people are saying I’m an upcoming but what did I do to deserve this hate? Only if they knew how much time I put into my latest album. I am quitting music. Let me try the film industry. For now, let me go cry in Canada and New York,” he said.

It should be noted that the singer has been in the industry for a couple of years now since 2019 when he got his breakthrough song.

He used to sing from Sweden where he pursued professional football before coming back to Uganda permanently.

He’s established his career and is one of the most underrated musicians without a doubt.


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