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Robin Kisti Joins Radio 4 After Quitting STV

Renowned media personality Robinah Nambooze a.k.a Robin Kisti is now a happy lady having landed herself a new job at Radio 4.

The media personality will be working alongside Byrons Meijor on the “Sabasaba” show that airs between 3 to 7 pm.

Robin Kisti shared the update about her new job on her IG and also shut down ‘false’ rumors on why she quit her job at STV.

Based on her post, she reasoned that she threw in the towel at STV because of poor payment refuting allegations of wanting to own the station’s branded company car that she reportedly did not want other employees to use.

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She wrote stating that this year is for making money that she is going to add to her account rather than taking from her account.

I have been hearing some untrue rumors about why I left my former job, this is the reason why. This year is about adding to my account and not taking from it. Now let’s multiply! Catch me Mon-Fri, 3-7 on @radio4uganda with @byronsmeijor . Tusimbudde 🙌 #Radio4 #Ensunsuzi #Radiohost #MondaytoFriday #3-7 #SabaSaba


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