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Robin Kisti says their Kwanjula and wedding with hubby Mark is set for 2022

Robinah Nambooze a.k.a Robin Kisti has revealed that she will hold her wedding with her better half Mark Asiimwe early next year.

Kisti and Asiimwe stepped closer to holy matrimony over the weekend with a colorful traditional Kukyaala ceremony.

The pair is diving headfirst into making their relationship official and nothing seems to stop them as they have everything planned.

My wedding and Kwanjula will happen next year, summertime because my close family, all my sisters live in London and they have to be there of course. I cannot hold a wedding or Kwanjula without them and they have kids so we have to get the best time.

Robn Kisti

The former NTV Login Xtra host is already moving fast as she makes bookings for the service providers to add glamour to the wedding in the offing.

“It will be a summer wedding but I have to start booking my service providers real soon because these h**s get booked out so fast,” Kisti said through her Snapchat account.

About the location of the wedding, Kisti left it to speculation. She revealed that it will be a surprise but she is sure it will turn heads.

Well, we wish the couple all the best of luck needed as they prepare to walk down the aisle.


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