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Rocky Giant held in rehab facility over unpaid hospital bills of Shs15M – Jenkins Mukasa


Renown local rapper Rocky Giant, born Fred Giriya, is reportedly held in a rehabilitation center in Kiteezi, Entebbe.

The rapper is held in the rehabilitation facility over unpaid accumulated hospital bills amounting to Shs15M.

The amount accumulated after a period of five months ever since he was dragged into the facility when he was spotted acting in a funny way.

On being checked into rehabilitation, many pledged to solicit money for his treatment but things seem to have turned out to be different from what was promised.

Funny enough, when some artists were approached to solicit money towards Rocky Giants’ treatment, artists like Jose Chameleone and Ragga Dee failed to offer even a single coin to the singer’s treatment.

The only people who have so far contributed to his treatment are Afrigo bands Moses Matovu who gave in Shs150k and Gen. Mega Dee who contributed USD100.

As you read this, the family of Rocky Giant requests all well-wishers to come to his rescue so that the hospital bills can be cleared

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