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Sarah Mubest exposes Alex Muhangi for begging sex from other ladies

Former popular media personality, Sarah Murungi a.k.a Sarah Mubest who used to be an employee on Radio West before quitting for a juicy UN deal exposed Alex Muhangi for begging sex from other women.

Sarah Mubest exposed Alex Muhangi through a tweet where she was replying to Prim Asiimwe’s Tweet where she asked why do other ladies claim to have boyfriends and when they need help/ money they call other people’s boyfriends.

But why do y’all have boyfriends if you have to call other people’s boyfriends when you need money.

Prim Asiimwe

Prim Asiimwe’s tweet rubbed Sarah Mubest the wrong way and retweeted while stinging the latter’s boyfriend saying he always asks sex from other ladies before telling her to stop saying nonsense.

Gal, your boyfriend calls other women for Pu$sy. But keep tweeting nonsense.

Sarah Mubest

The now ex- Radio West darling’s reply sparked off a huge debate on Twitter with different people replying to her tweet and thanking her for saying her mind and exposing what she has been going through.

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