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Sautiana Records’ Camila Tessy Maintains She Attended School In “Nasomako” | AUDIO ALERT

Sautiana Records’ singer Camila Tessy has, at last, cleared the airwaves about her recent interview that went viral concerning her level of education.

While conducting an interview with Ibrah K Mukasa, Camila Tessy was tasked to reveal the level of education that she stopped at.

In the interview, she disclosed that she studied until S.4 but to the surprise of everyone, when she was asked to name the subject she highly excelled in, she disclosed that it was SST (social studies) which is only done at the Primary level.

When the video went viral, she turned out to be a laughing stock for her revelation.

Listen to the song from Camila Tessy’s YouTube channel below;

Going forward, she has since dropped a new jam dubbed “Nasomako” that will soon be shared across all her music streaming Apps

In the song handled by two producers, SautiANA’s Matex Problem and renowned producer Herbert Skills, Camila Tessy claims to have studied about the Bunsen burner and got 4 points.

Keep locked at UG Kafunda as well we will keep you in the know when the song is officially released.


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