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Senga’s mislead women to take herbs to discharge a lot of water during sex – Angella Katatumba

Singer Angella Katatumba said she hates taking advice from paternal aunts locally known as Senga’s.

She reasons that they mislead young girls into unhealthy relationships.

I’m allergic to those senga’s…who would encourage girls to stay strong, no, please… I hear… somersault in bed, do all this,… those who have cooked all the pilau and everything are also crying, men have left them… Senga’s should leave us alone,” Katatumba said while appearing on Ibra Mukasa’s YouTube channel

She adds;

“That’s the advice, stay strong, somersault, go and pull (the elongation of the labia minora on the female private parts), rubbish, all those who pull are still crying… they’ve left them… me, the best advice I’ve got has been from my mom, my mom has said, make money, your money will bury you… your money will do everything for you… it will even bring the right men to you because you won’t be desperate.”

To her knowledge and understanding, Senga’s have also misled women to believe that they can take herbs to discharge a lot of water during sex.

“It’s diluted urine but that’s a story for another day. When my left husband left… They told me to drink a lot of fluids,… so that when I start releasing, it comes out odourless and colorless, so for them, they would think it’s water, yet it’s urine… I’m sorry for releasing your secrets.”

Angella Katatumba is a divorcee.

She met her ex-husband while performing with a live band at Ponanas’ Club on Cornmarket Street in Oxford, England.

This was in 2000 and she was pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Management at Oxford Brookes University.

They separated in 2008 after Ward Alonzo (her ex-husband), became too controlling and reportedly showed a lack of ambition.

While they met in the UK, Alonzo hailed from Chicago, Illinois in the US and that’s where they stayed.

Since then, Katatumba has not been married but she’s been active on the dating scene, with the most recent publicized relationship being that with the music producer Andrew Ojambo, alias Daddy Andre, with whom she has released a number of songs, including Tonelabila and Wendi.

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