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Sex and love each can exist on it’s own, stop confusing the two – Naira Ali

Self-proclaimed Purple Chorde vocal goddess Naira Ali has asked the public to stop confusing sex and love stating that the two are totally different.

She goes on to elaborate that each can exist on its own with a lot of ease and comfort.

In there, she sent a message to lovers asking them never to let go of their loved ones because they had sex with someone else.

She then solidly backed up her point stressing that each and every person knows it in their minds that love can exist without sex.

Naira Ali went ahead to as well explain that sex can happen between two individuals but without love

Stop confusing sex with love,the two are totally different,each can exist on its own.

Don’t let a good person you love go just because they had mere sex with another person.

We all know love can exist without sex and sex can happen without love.

Naira Ali

Well, what’s your take about Naira Ali’s opinion about sex and love?

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