Home Music News Shakira Shakiraa drops new love track “Mwenye” | Lyrics Video

Shakira Shakiraa drops new love track “Mwenye” | Lyrics Video

Singer and songwriter Shakira Kamulegeya Kyebalaba a.k.a Shakira Shakiraa has released a new song titled ”Mwenye”.

The new track is a love song and without a doubt — “Mwenye” is likely to become one of the biggest songs in the country right now.

Why? The song has sweet good lyrics that everyone who listens to it will automatically wish to fall in love with someone.

Listening to the song carefully and word-for-word, Shakira Shakiraa expresses how it feels yummy to fall in love with someone who loves you in the same measures.

She sings her voice out stressing that when one is well-loved, one feel comfortable, at peace, joyous, and stress-free.

Mwenye” produced by Nessim has come along with a lyrics video created by Iga Own that displays the song’s affectionate lyrics.

In a recent interview with UGKafunda about the new song, Shakira Shakiraa said it was inspired by an experience she has ever been in before and a conversation with her buddies on the subject of whether they feel comfortable if love is only forced from one side.

Check out the song below;


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