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Sheebah finally parades her newly acquired boat

It is no rumor anymore that Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Samali Karungi acquired a brand new boat for herself.

The confirmation comes through after the singer took to her social media accounts and shared photos of herself posing before her newly acquired boat.

She captioned the photos with words advising everyone out there that the lives they desire to live should be their biggest motivator.

She also revealed the name of her new boat as the QUEEN KARMA CRUISE saying she can’t wait to host and ride with some of her fans.

The Kind Of Life You Want To Live Should Be Your Biggest Motivation!!!! Welcome to QUEEN KARMA CRUISE. Can’t wait to host you.


It is believed that the boat cost Sheebah lots of money that we hope she will reveal in the near future.

She has at the moment become the first female musician to invest in water transport following the footsteps of male artists like Bobi Wine and Peter Miles.

Congratulations Queen Karma on your new possession!


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