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Sheilah Gashumba feeling ‘uneasy’ following the loss of her phone

NBS TV After5 presenter Sheilah Carol Gashumba ended the weekend feeling ‘uneasy’ following the loss of her mobile phone iPhone 13.

The pencil-thin media personality lost her phone while in a night club in Ghana where she had traveled to attend the African Music dialogue that had several arts player contribute on how to grow the industry.

Having lost her phone, she requested one of her friends to assist her with the phone where she logged into her Snapchat and passed on the announcement.

She wrote on her account stressing that she was feeling unhappy after losing her phone.

Rumor has it that she felt uneasy because she scared of leaking her nudes in the phone.

Lost my iPhone 13 in the club last night!! I’m not happy about that at all cause I never lose my phones.

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