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Sheilla Don Zella in a scuffle with late husband’s family over burial arrangements

Nalongo Sheila Don Zella is currently in a bitter rift with her late husband James Guntunen’s other family over his burial arrangements.
About a month ago, Don Zella announced the passing on of her husband in Abu Dhabi where he was getting treatment.
After his death, his burial was conducted at a place that didn’t seem to please late Guntunen’s other family.
Based on screenshots accessed by this blog and that has since gone viral on social media, Don Zella reportedly refused to bury the late Guntunen’s ashes in the desired place in UP as she wants her husband and father of her children to be buried in Nevada while her stepchildren want him to be buried next to his mother in their ancestral home.

“He wouldn’t want to be buried there and you know it. Please don’t do this just for likes for money. Let him rest with his mom,” Kristin Kovach, one of Don Zella’s stepchildren told her in a Facebook conversation.

Kristen took to Facebook and complained about Don Zella claiming that she wants to bury his ashes in Nevada intentionally to hurt them.


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