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Sherry Matovu narrates depression and loneliness ordeal

Former media personality-turned-businesswoman and mother Sherry Matovu is celebrating her new age today.
While celebrating her birthday, the singer has narrated how last year was difficult and tough to her side.
She states that she underwent a lot of troubles and challenges that included getting stressed, depressed, being lonely, and would sometimes breakdown in tears plus so many other things that she couldn’t mention.
She is, however, grateful to God that He has kept her alive and achieved most of the goals she used to fantasies and dream of.
“I’ve went through a lot in my past year
Tears, stress, depression, loneliness, and a lot I can’t mention but wat I thank God he still did not block my blessings anymore. I have achieved most of da things I wanted in my life. Yes thank you my God for da gift of LIFE. Thank you sooo much all my clients @sherrybeautywallet. I have achieved some of my big goals nz’ani muzukulu wa mitego. In fact, I love da woman I am today thou with more bags of money. Thank you my family for standing together with me whenever I needed you n ma close friends. Like I always say “past is past regardless we MOVE”. Have dis in mind it will help u to stand stronger wat is COMING is better dan wat is GONE. Believe me i trust da next chapter because i kno da author Keep taking time untill your YOU again and never stop PUSHING Allihamudullilah am +1 today Happy birthday to ME”, Sherry Matovu
Happy Birthday Sherry Matovu and cheers to your new age!


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