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Singer Ang3lina squashes pregnancy rumors

UK-based Ugandan singer Angela Nabuufu a.k.a Ang3lina has come out and completely poured cold water on allegations suggesting that she is baking a ban in her oven.

While speaking to one of the local websites, Ang3lina disclosed that she has never been pregnant adding she is not in a rush to give birth.

She stressed that her mind is focused on releasing new music as she aims at getting known by more Ugandan music lovers both in the diaspora and locally based fans.

Ang3lina expressed that the rumors first began within the celebrity circles before going viral among bloggers after spending time without being seen in the public domain.

“I’m not pregnant. People have been congratulating me since last year,” Ang3lina laughingly wondered while speaking to MBU.

Since we have less to add on, time will be our best witness as events unfold.


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