Home Entertainment Singer Chosen Becky fuels pregnancy rumors following a baby bump

Singer Chosen Becky fuels pregnancy rumors following a baby bump

Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir

Singer Chosen Becky, legally known as Rebecca Kwikiriza, is reported to be expecting her fourth child with her husband, Dictator Amir.

The news was revealed in an Instagram post where Chosen Becky is seen wearing a long Islamic-like outfit that reveals a bulged tummy.

Upon spotting the tummy, netizen fans were quick to congratulate her on playing a great role in increasing the population of her country. This comes after Amir was accused of siring a child out of their relationship, but he threatened to sue the Vloggers who spread the rumors.

The “Bankuza” singer and Dictator Amir are already blessed with two children as husband and wife who they welcomed in the past three years and have been living a happy lifestyle following the fact that they are doing financially well. 

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Becky has defied the odds by continuing to be been shown love and support by her fans despite giving birth something that most female celebrities fear to do.

In Uganda, several of the female artists dread giving birth claiming that if they took a break from music to focus on giving birth, they would lose the fanbase that they command. 

Most of the time, female celebrities give birth to one child and forget about conceiving other children as they always focus on staying relevant in the arts industry.