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Singer Heather Nanteza blesses her mum with a brand new Toyota Noah ride (Photos)

Denmark-based Ugandan performing artist, songwriter, philanthropist, and dancer Heather Nanteza treated her mother to a surprise of a brand new ride as she celebrated her for the good things she has done in her life.

Nanteza surprised her mother with a brand new Toyota Noah she bought cash from Fuji Motor Limited bond with the registration number plate UBK 704L.

She then organized a party at Fairway hotel where she handed over the car to her with a lot of excitement something that shocked her.

Upon being gifted the car, she knelt down and thanked Heather for the gift. Heather is a total orphan who lost her biological parents at the age of five. From that moment, her mother’s sister who she calls mum took over her and raised her to the woman that she is now.

The moment was cheerful and saw her mother shed tears of joy. While speaking in an interview, Nanteza stressed how gifting her mother with a brand new ride was a dream come true.

She narrated that for long she has been dreaming of such a day to happen and she is glad that the day finally came to pass. At the moment, we are glad to tip you that you will no longer have to see Nanteza’s mother on boda-boda’s again.



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