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Spice Diana spots “selfish interests” amongst Janzi Awards organizers

Source Management singer Hajjara Namukwaya Diana alias Spice Diana has added her voice to Frank Gashumba in trashing the newly organized Janzi Awards.

Through Facebook posts, Spice Diana stressed that the organizers of the awards had ‘selfish interests’ in the awarding criteria.

She expressed her dismay at the awards event when she clearly pointed out how she wasn’t happy with the winner in the Artist of the Year category.

We congratulate every winner however what is the criteria you used to determine the Artist of the year? I know so many great artists who deserved that accolade hands down,

Spice also questioned why the organizers rushed to set up the awards and why the final verdict was left to the academy.

She, thereafter, requested the government to open the music industry so that artistes can resume working as previously since the Janzi Awards organizers were not wearing face masks and following the Covid-19 SOPs.

If you want to elevate the art industry let’s have clear headed people without selfish interests out of our art industry. Open us up let us go back and work.

Spice Diana furthermore spoke out her mind asking the following questions below.

Something has been bothering me but I feel we can have a healthy discussion together.

For a long (time), Ugandan artists have been used, and yet they’ve stayed silent. If the government has organized an awards ceremony, invited a huge crowd, no one is masked and yet it’s televised.

I think its the right time to ask some really hard questions

1. Why can’t artists be given a chance to also go back to work? Organize their own shows again? Why would you want to feed someone who can work for themselves yet still use art to organize events in which you only benefit?

2. We were stopped from organizing concerts and events because of COVID-19 but does it mean there’s no Covid-19 if the government is the organizer of an event than if we the artists organize these events? Lemme ask based on your tagline “Uganda for us and us for Uganda”

3. There are a few people who always benefit from the arts and those that use the art for personal gains. When will the artists profit from their own sweat?


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