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Ssendi reminds me of an old rotten fart that thought it smelled good – Naira Ali

Self-styled Purple Chord vocal goddess Naira Ali has clapped back at Dembe FM music critic Edward Ssendi saying he reminds her of an “old rotten fart that thought it smelled good”.

The singer hit hard at Edward Ssendi after the latter went hard and labeled her ‘musically as short as a nymph’. Not only did Ssendi stop calling Naira Ali’s music career short as a nymph but went on to note that she was only seeking clout saying she has very little music to offer fans.

Edward Ssendi attacked Naira Ali bitterly after the latter wrote a striking post directed to musicians who pay presenters to play their music on airwaves and also monetarily generate views from YouTube.

Naira Ali went on to state that people like Edward Ssendi are the ones failing the music industry adding that it’s unfortunate that people like him would be offering advice rather than sending out venomous and bitter insults.

Mr #Ssendi and the likes, It’s unfortunate that people like you who should offer advise and counsel to our Industry resort to venomous and bitter insults. With all due respect, there is a big difference between opinions and abuse.

This is where we go wrong as a people and Country. When a Nation has Elderly Men who have nothing to offer but bitterness, abuse and kabampaane then we are doomed.

But i stand tall and form, way above that level of negativity. When they go low and shallow we go high, when they spread anger and venom, we pray for their troubled and disgruntled souls.

To the good Men and Women out there, keep spreading love and good counsel.Btw you remind of a story of “an old rotten fart that thought it smelled good” but that’s a story for another day.

Naira Ali

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