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Ssenga Justine Nantume Reveals They Ate Snakes and Frogs During The Museveni Bush War

Media personality and entertainer Ssenga Justine Nantume has disclosed that there is no insect or animal she has never eaten in her lifetime.

The Dembe FM and Sanyuka TV presenter explained that during the 1981-86 Museveni bush war when she and her family were forced to seek refuge in the bush, they fed on everything they came across.

She stressed that they fed on frogs, snakes, and locusts among many other insects and birds in order to survive.

This came as a result of her dad being shot dead for allegedly giving shelter and hiding rebels.

The singer and dancer added that her dad was shot with three magazines of bullets for hiding rebels.

Olutalo lwa Museveni lwatandika nkyali muto era mu lutalo olwo taata wange mwe yattibwa kubanga yali akwese abayeekera yakubbwa magazini ssatu n’afa. Tewali kisolo kye siryangako nalya ebikere, emisota n’enzige kubanga mu olutalo okufuna eky’okulya kyali kizibu kale twatandika okulya ekintu kyonna .- Ssenga Nantume

Ssenga Justine Nantume is a multi-talented entertainer who juggles different activities to afford a decent living on a daily.

She is a mother and has grandchildren as well.


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