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Stop posting me on your page – Bad Black slams singer An-Known Prosper for posting her photos

Socialite Bad Black, born Shanitah Namuyimbwa, has vehemently slammed fast-rising singer An-known Prosper for posting her photos of his video where she acted as a vixen for his Tonelabila song.

Taking to her Facebook page, Bad Black who had no kind words for the rising singer blasted him for having had a bad scent during the time they shoot a video for his single.

The mother of four stated that during the video shoot she almost failed to breathe well due to the bad scent that was coming out of the singer’s armpits.

She, therefore, asked him to brush and use some deodorants to smell good but warned him to stop posting her pic but only post his song.

Upcoming musician tonnesibako if I was not paid to vixen where would you have found me? Tonnesibako kubanga nagumikiliza enkwawa zo naye zampunyilira. Stop all this nonsense the ki song was done 7 months ago. Go brush and perfume yourself kumanyoko. I mean you can post your ki song not my pic nze family yo musajja there on media onanemessa obufumbo singa obadde tuwuunya kale. tegeza gwe Unknown stop posting me on your page.

Bad Black


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