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Struggling singer Allan Hendrik Ssali challenges King Saha to speak fluent English for two minutes non-stop

Struggling uprising singer Allan Hendrik Ssali has challenged King Saha to at least speak fluent English for two good minutes.

Allan Hendrik Ssali dared King Saha to speak fluent English as he doubted his education levels saying he is uneducated and illiterate.

The “Romeo and Juliet” singer went vowed that he is not about to back down from attacking King Saha since he also attacks his dad Bebe Cool.

He further noted that Kabako is dealing with the challenge of drug abuse and that is the only reason why he is behaving the way he is.

“How can you compare Queen Saha to Bebe Cool? It is absolutely unacceptable. He doesn’t fit to be in the same sentence as Bebe. Since he attacked my dad, am also not going to back down on him.

Put aside the music beef but intellectually, Saha didn’t go to school. If he went to school, he should show us his academic qualifications to confirm he deserves to be a UMA leader.

I challenge him to speak good and fluent English for two minutes. He can’t, I dare him! He can’t read and write. If he can’t read and write, how is he going to write proposals for the association and represent us. I don’t think King Saha can write a formal document.

I only want is him to back off my dad otherwise I will use the weapon he is using since I have everything that is required. You know, illiteracy and drugs are disturbing him”, Paper Daddy

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