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Stunt Or Nah? Kataleya and Kandle Fallout

It turns out that to be relevant in Ugandan showbiz, especially artists must play stunts to get the attention of the media.

Straight to the point, the only Ugandan singing female duo Kataleya and Kandle have been off the grid and chats for the past couple of months despite being invested in huge sums of money by their loaded bosses.

Looking for a way to bounce back stronger and better than they were last year, the female duo Is reported to be engaged in a cold war with one another.

Over the weekend, rumors spilled around revealing the two being at loggerheads on allegations of a whooper war.

Though the facts of the pair’s alleged fallout are still at large, our snoops disclosed that all is not well at the Throne Music camp.

Reports suggest that talks between the two artists are ongoing to calm down the situation as those close to the pair note that they are still together.

The allegations raise a lot of questions about why the pair has yet to release any new music project this year as they have not even taken to their accounts to tease their fans about whether they are planning to drop any new music projects in the coming months.

This leaves us with a huge question as to whether the pair is playing a stunt to make a resounding comeback or not.


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