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Superstar Association is dividing artists and creating disunity – Hajjat Madinah

Former Revival band singer Hajjati Madinah Kansiime is of the opinion that the creation of many music associations has brought about division and disunity amongst artists.

The singer shared her view about the mushrooming music associations after she was asked to reveal which association/umbrella body does she belongs to.

In her reply, she stated that she has never been invited to join any artists association further distancing herself from having ever received a phonecall from Jose Chameleone inviting her to join the United Music Superstars Association.

However, she spoke out her mind saying that the great role the associations have formed is only to create disunity and division among musicians.

She added that some artists like her were only left hanging in the balance since they don’t know which group they should belong to.

The great role that these associations have made is to create disunity and division among us. But my only prayers to whoever is causing this organization among us is God/Allah to reward him/ her with all their heart desires they wish to get.

Back then, we artists we were one but as of now we are divided into small portions with everyone catering for his agenda.

Hajjati Madinah

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