Home News Tamale Mirundi Jr admits to being battered by his ex-lover Tasha Namale

Tamale Mirundi Jr admits to being battered by his ex-lover Tasha Namale

Joseph Tamale Mirundi’s son Tamale Mirundi Jr has admitted to having been battered by his ex-lover Tasha Namale.

Speaking to NBS UnCut show, Tamale Mirundi Jr revealed that his ex-lover Tasha who he officially broke up, thumped him for always returning home late and on allegations of infidelity.

He confirmed being battered after returning home while drunk adding that he was only saved by security officers who swung in early enough to save the situation.

Tamale Mirundi Jr was battered to the extent that he sustained swellings in his face. He explained that since his wife is stronger than he is, she always waits for him to lay in bed, then pounces on him, covers him with pillows and bedsheets then thumps him.

He has apparently vowed never to return to the mother of one and he is currently looking for a lady of his age to fall in love with.

During the pair’s fight, Tamale Mirundi’Jr’s newly acquired phone was squashed and broke. He also stressed that this is the second time his lover battered him seriously.

Watch the video below as Tamale Mirundi Jr explains the whole story.

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