Home Gossip Tasha insists Kuluthum’s new catch Akram has to refund her money Shs20m

Tasha insists Kuluthum’s new catch Akram has to refund her money Shs20m


South Africa based Tasha has maintained that come what Kuluthum Nabunya’s new lover Akram Gumisiriza has to refund her money Shs20m he used for his marital functions.

Tasha narrated that even though what, once Akram sets his feet in South Africa he will have to pay back her money based on the rules that govern them that side.

When asked whether Akram is a true engineer, she replied stating that he has never been a road engineer as he claims.

Tasha further spilled more secrets about Akram stating that even the land title that was offered in as Kuluthum’s mahare is fake while asserting how Akram has no house in Bugiza.

She further dared Kuluthum to acquire a visa and travel to South Africa to find out what exactly Akram does for living before stressing how she will be disappointed for having fallen for an impersonator and a fraudster.

Since she had Akram bragging about wanting to refund Hajji Ntale’s money he invested in Kuluthum, Tasha challenged him to refund her money.

She therefore vowed that in whatever way Akram has to refund her money.

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