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That woman will be a man and it will be me – Bobi Wine to Barbie’s wish when she passes away

Wednesday 15th June 2022, Barbie Kyagulanyi Itungo jotted down on her social media pages saying that when she passes on, she wants a woman to at least to listen to the news and feels touched about her passing.

In her humble prayer, Barbie noted that she wants the woman to say the late impacted her in many positive aspects of life and the reason why she is where she is.

“Dear Lord,
I want ONE woman to listen to the breaking news of my departure and say…
‘This dead woman touched my soul and impacted me in many positive ways. She is the reason I am who I am today.
So help me God”, Barbie Kyagulanyi.

When her husband Bobi Wine crossed paths with her post, he quickly responded to it with a sweet and humbling message.

Bobi Wine replied to her humble prayer request noting that the person Barbie prays for will be a man and the man will be him.

He went on to stress that he doesn’t think there will be anyone else who will change that person’s life more than she has done to him.

Bobi Wine made the remarks noting that he is certain that he will pass on before her.

“That woman will be a man and it will be me. I do not think you have touched anyone’s life as you did mine. I however will say that while you still alive because I will go before you my love”, Bobi Wine

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