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The Times Black Panther Africa Has Looked Sexy And Stunning In Hot Pants

A lot has been said and heard about the youthful and stunning Ugandan philanthropist and Managing Director Black panther Safari who is born Namugenyi Braunecker a.k.a Black Panther Africa.

She is widely known for her “Hook Up Show” (Kwekwana) which she usually hosts on her Facebook page where single people from different destinations get lovers.

The young good-looking, sexy, energetic, creative, and hard-working Black Panther Africa is known for being a generous lady though the list of compliments to attach to her name goes on and on to infinity.

She has managed to create a reputation for her brand in the past few years but that will be for another day as we plan to get a one-on-one with her sooner than later.

As of today, we decided to highlight and share with you some of the moments Black Panther Africa has looked hot, sexy, sassy, and chewable in hot pants.

Take a gaze at some of the pics when Black Panther Africa paraded off her big Camel toe.


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