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Thee Pluto’s Lover Felicity Shiru Says She Struggled To Breastfeed As New Mum

Over the weekend, Kenyan content creator Thee Pluto and his lover Felicity Shiru welcomed their first child together as a couple.

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru have already begun their parental duties respectively.

Felicity Shiru has, however, shared her motherhood journey when she engaged her fans in a Q and A session where one of her followers asked her about her breastfeeding experience.

The new mum said she produced enough milk for her baby girl, “Zoey Pluto” adding that she struggled the first two days.

“Yes, just enough. But the first two days, I struggled kidogo,” she answered

Another fan was concerned about her sleeping pattern since welcoming a new member to her family.

Shiru disclosed her sleeping pattern had not been affected by her baby Zoey as the little one loves to sleep.

“Not as much. Baby Zoey loves sleeping a lot. Akishiba ni hivyo. So she’s asleep most of the times,” she happily replied.

Shiru gave birth through a c-section, as she revealed to her fans and had mixed reactions about the procedure.

“It’s not that bad; no pain during the process. Plus, it just takes a few minutes, and the baby is out. Dislike; the recovery part,” she said.

Shiru added she was using painkillers as part of her recovery process and dealing with the wound. She ate well, rested well, and did walking exercises to help her recover.


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