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There’s plenty more to life than seeking male attention – Zuena Kirema

Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema has given a piece of priceless advice to all young and youthful girls growing up not to put all their efforts in seeking male attention.

The former NTV presenter gave the advice reasoning that there is plenty more to life that girls can do to be come successful than merely seeking male attention.

The “Owa Boda” singer who is known as a reserved woman and rarely speaks to the public spoke out her mind through a post via her Facebook page something that left critics with lots of unanswered questions wondering what could have triggered Zuena to make such a post.

Teach your daughters, there’s more to life than attracting male attention.

Zuena Kirema

Some flooded her comment section wondering whether there were young girls who had started seeking her husbands attention or else she was trying to educate her grown up daughter Beeta Sophie Ssali.

Well, since we are not so sure as to why Zuena posted, we leave the ball rolling over to you to have your say.

All in all the advice should be taken in by parents and guardians looking after young growing girls.

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