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Though Times! Evelyn Langu’s Health condition worsens

Singer-turned-actress Evelyn Nakabira a.k.a Evelyn Langu’s health status has reportedly worsened and is frightening.

Apparently, Evelyn Lagu is in the hospital in a state where she can’t help herself doing anything.

It is an open public secret that Evelyn Lagu has for years now been battling heart and Kidney complications.

She tried getting a transplant but the doctors advised her not to do so reasoning that her health couldn’t support it as she would die very fast.

Unfortunately, news coming onto our news desk says the mother of one needs prayers because currently, she has got blind and is not able to eat.

According to the doctors working on her, they say the tube that was placed on her neck to help with her kidney function blocked a thing that has gotten her condition worst.

With a kind request, everyone that is able to help her in all ways possible to make her life better with money, prayers, and more reach out to her through her social media handles. And as we speak it’s only her boy taking care of her with feeding and more at the moment.

Evelyn Langu is known for many good songs including, Testimony her first gospel song she released in 2020 thanking God for her life, Ogumanga, Mbulila, Kasita, Bakuleka, Mbeerawo, Sikyatya, Ngukuwade, I Love You, Wanjawulo among others.

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