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Tinah Tiese frustrated over her friend’s stolen birthday luggage

NTV presenter Tinah Tiese is lamenting about the theft of her luggage that was exchanged with someone else on the Emirates flight.

According to a post on Tinah Tiese’s Instagram account, she claims that a one Nabbumba Hellen swapped her friend Gloria’s bag with hers and made their birthday look less amazing.

She has since tried reaching Nabbumba but all her travel documents contacts she left on her belongings are unreachable.

The 24hrs that the flight company gives to clients recover their lost items elapsed long ago with no response from the company which has annoyed her and left her feeling frustated.

Her luggage included her friend Gloria’s birthday outfits, gifts, and other essentials.

The best part about your birthday is that I spent it with you regardless of you losing your luggage with ALL your birthday outfits and essentials. I held you, I hugged you, I cried with you and I forced you to dinner regardless of how sad and frustrated you were. Thank you for making it easy for me. Happy birthday my sister @iam_lindwa. I love you so much and wish only the best for you. We are gonna get your bag! @emirates treat this with URGENCY!

Public Notice; If anyone knows a NABBUMBA HELLEN who lives/works in Dubai kindly DM, please. She swapped Gloria’s bag with hers at the baggage claim and hasn’t claimed hers yet. We suspect she still has it but all her numbers on her travel documents are unreachable. @emirates 48hrs have elapsed but no response. Please help us tag Emirates until they treat this with a sense of urgency! No one deserves to have their bag stolen especially on a birthday trip. This is beyond annoying and frustrating! #baggage#lost#emirates#frustrated!😡

Tinah Tiese

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