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Ugandan music will never die – King Saha speaks out his mind

Singer King Saha, born Mansur Ssemanda, is positive that the Ugandan music industry will never die despite the industry being locked down for a year now.

The “I’m On My Way” singer made the statement through his social media posts over the weekend as he assured all those who had predicted doom about the industry.

King Saha wrote in reference questioning the impact that Senegalese-American music icon, Akon’s, visit to Uganda adds to the Ugandan art industry.

He went to express how it is so sad that Akon’s visit to the country can’t benefit the music industry and pleaded to God to bless our nation.

So sad that an international artist’s visit can’t benefit the art industry which has been locked up for a full year now. God bless Uganda, God bless Ugandan musicians. Music can never die. I repeat Ugandan music will never die.

King Saha

However, his opinion left many of his followers with mixed views as some boldly told him to mind his business and also advised him not to just jump on trending topics for clout whereas others backed up his opinion.

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