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UK-based singer Brenjeezy set to drop “More Than Love” visuals

Up-and-coming singer Brenjeezy, born Brenda Caroline Walugembe, is set to drop a video teaser for her new single titled “More Than Love”.

Apparently, the UK-based singer seems unstoppable and determined to be at the top of the music industry with her latest tune that she is about to share.

The UK-based Ugandan singer has been riding high on songs like “Make Me Wanna” featuring Kvan, “Ntayaaye”, and “You Are The One”.

Going by her recent posts on her social media pages, the singer is set to release her latest song called ‘More Than Love’ very soon.

Music analysts who have listened to the song tell us that More than love should hit hard and fins itself as the song of the year. It is a massive song and will surely receive enough airplay.

Although she is yet to officially speak out about the song, we have heard from those close to her that she has put a big budget into the production of the song.

Moze Wryta wrote the song and all the production was done by Brian Beats/Beats House. It was also directed by Dir. Clarq Nwaya.

Besides music, the singer has been keen to raise awareness about the poverty many children in Africa experience in her previous song dubbed ‘Give Me Water, Give Me Freedom, Give Me Life


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