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Unveiling Multi-talented Iraqi Singer And Businessman Hayder Isam

Hayder Isam is an Iraqi musical artist and businessman.
He was born and bred in Iraq, in the southern city of Basra, to a family of 3 sisters and as the only boy.

Hayder was born in times of war, fear, and needs. He watched his father struggle to provide a living for his blind mother and studying sisters by tying to leave home in the dawn to work as a porter of merchandise or anything that helped him win bread at home.

Since his young age, Hayder couldn’t handle watching his old tired dad do the hard work without giving him a hand or at least provide his expenses for himself.

He tried to go out and work too in order to provide for himself and his family. He started working in the food market selling some fruits and vegetables, and earned his bread until he got a little older and stronger to carry heavier items and work at construction sites.

School at this time wasn’t his priority. His priority was to cover his mother and sister’s needs and support them continue their studies.

Hayder always had this artistic touch to anything he does. He even used to style his sister’s clothing, when they go to school or when when they have any events.

He has a very distinctive taste in dressing, he always go the extra mile in choosing his colours by shining in a dark and grey life of society that was overwhelmed with crime and war.

He has always spoken mature words that made a lot of sense and had wisdom which made him seem too old.

He worked as a journalist who wrote many articles and participated in many talks shows. He even did some acting rolls. He tried to be part of the change in his country that the young generation seeks for dignified life.

His choice to word and charm, made him so good for selling anything. He has been invited to host a few shows, him being so popular and charming.

Apart from the above-mentioned roles, Hayder developed a passion for computer and IT but there was nothing in his town to help him proceed his education.

He taught himself until he became one of the best cyber technicians in his surroundings. He became passionate in social media, music, and marketing. He developed a community that exceeds 20 millions!

After achieving his high school diploma, he decided to drop higher education and focus on e-marketing on Instagram and Facebook to earn him a decent living as he worked hard to better his music passion on the side.

Hayder is a United Arab Emirates resident now, working in the advertising, selling, and negotiated deals with other media Influencers and advertising companies.

After his sister’s graduated from university, one is a veterinary doctor, the other is teacher, Hayder thinks it is now the right time to find himself. He has set his focus to singing and his passion for music is impressive.

He is a strong believer, that you need to be healthy and strong in order to have the power to achieve your goals. He trains daily!

Apart from the weight training he is a passionate runner. He loves colours and music even though he was born in dark times and circumstances.

He’s is full of life and love. He dreams big and plans to make the world hear his voice. He want the world to be a happy place. His motifs phrase is “life is beautiful” and he intends to reflect that in his music and actions.

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