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(VIDEO) Backstage Fight: David Lutalo’s team reportedly got engaged in a fight at King Saha’s concert

Reports reaching our gossip desk reveal singer David Lutalo and his team were involved in a fistfight at singer King Saha’s concert.

Lately, David Lutalo has been making news headlines filled with controversies.

From having made statements that seemed to hit the opposition fan base, Lutalo found himself in another exchange of words with Fik Fameica for having concerts on the same weekend come January 2024.

His name is now also appearing in another controversial headline for having been involved in a scuffle at King Saha’s concert that went down on Friday at Hotel Africana.

It is reported that David Lutalo’s bouncers had a fistfight with the concert organizer’s bouncers following reports that Lutalo arrived at the show for his performance with too many people who were not permitted to get access.

They, however, forced their way to the stage and it is reported that one of his bouncers wanted to knock out cold the stage manager of the show.

During his set, he was also pelted with some bottles and had to leave the stage in a rush before the crowd could turn unruly.

He was even heard asking who had angered the crowd before he took to the stage.


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