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VIDEO | Clever J Rocks The Crowd In Bricklaying Outfit At Sold-Out Show

Despite the “Return OF Clever J” concert starting slow with a low reveler turnout, the singer eventually registered a sold-out show.

From 5 PM to around 8:30 PM, the venue had a very poor concertgoers turnout and a section of critics quickly turned to question why had the promoter chosen a very big venue to revive the career of a faded artist in Clever J.

As it clocked 9 PM, somehow the story headlines changed from a ‘flopped’ to a ‘successful’ concert since fans flocked the venue as if they were being brought from a hideout.

By 10 PM the venue was already filled to the brim and packed to capacity with revelers enjoying the night and performances from different artists.

Artists including Spice Diana, Shakira Shakiraah, Alien Skin, Yung Mulo, Papa Mesach Semakula, Abdul Mulaasi, Mikie Wine, Betty Mpologoma, Master Parrot, and Diana Nalubega all performed on the night among other raising stars

The main act of the night Clever J took to the stage at around 10:30 PM amid wild cheers from the crowd who had long waited to witness him do what he does best.

He took to the stage performing his breakthrough hit “Manzi Wa’nani” as the crowd cheered on in awe.

He then followed through with several of his other jams to the amusement of the revelers.

Clever J without a doubt put up an electrifying performance.

The highlight of his showing up on stage was his outfit of the night. Clever J showed up decked in bricklaying outfits with his squad plus some of the materials that are used for bricklaying.

The show went past midnight as the fans stayed glued for the concert to watch Clever J return to the stage for his second session.

On return, he was decked in an all-white outfit accompanied by his dancers and yet again thrilled his fans with his other songs.

The show ended at exactly 1 Am and he will be holding subsequent shows in Mukono on Saturday.


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