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VIDEO: Nnalongo Ann Taylor Confirms Breaking Up With SB4

Next Media TV presenter Ann Taylor has finally confirmed that it is no rumor that she parted ways with her baby daddy Ssalongo SB4, legally known as Rogers Ssebunya.

The couple who had just welcomed a set of twins a few months back broke up on Valentines’ Day when Ann Taylor posted on her Facebook page stating that she had called it quits.

Many thought it was just a joke but it turns out to be true that the celebrity couple is no more an item at the moment.

The cause of their separation is still unknown as critics believe that it could have happened because SB4 did not present Valentines’ Day flowers and gifts to Ann Taylor.

Nnalongo Ann Taylor confirmed their break up as she was being hosted in an interview on Ruth Kalibbala’s YouTube channel.

She went ahead and expressed her desire to handle the situation with dignity and grace, debunking reports of being a publicity stunt or seeking attention.

Despite Ruth Kalibbala’s attempts to persuade Ann to reconsider her decision, the public figure remained resolute in her choice to move forward without her partner.

Ann Taylor and SB4 had faced numerous challenges throughout their relationship, including struggles with fertility.

It took four years of trying to give birth until God blessed them in 2023 by answering their prayers.

The news of Ann and SB4’s separation sent shockwaves through their fan base and the public, who had followed their journey and celebrated their successes.

Many expressed their sadness and disappointment at the news, as they had admired the couple’s resilience and ability to overcome adversity.


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