Home Music News Vyper Ranking drops adrenaline-pumping visuals for latest single “Controller”

Vyper Ranking drops adrenaline-pumping visuals for latest single “Controller”

Ayiire Sadam alias Vyper Ranking has dropped crisp bold visuals in new music video for “Controller” as his latest romantic single is set to dominate the airwaves very soon.

The music video sees Vyper Ranking show off his acting skills partly inspired by scenes from action-packed movies following the way he took on two beautiful video vixens in a strikingly bold colorful thriller.

“Controller” is a chilled track that is beautifully infused with Afro-beats where the singer expresses his affection to the love of his life stressing how he is addicted to her adding that she controls his life in manner he is not familiar with.

The “Controller” music video certifies that Vyper Ranking is in his own lane in the dancehall music business as the singer was able to intertwine delicate aesthetics with bold rhymes.

Vyper Ranking music fans will for sure agree with us that that “Controller” visuals were worth the wait. The quirky and breezy music video is one to see. 

Watch “Controller” on YouTube and all other streaming platforms.



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