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Watch Don Bwambale’s “Tulya-Bulamu” visuals


Fast-rising singer Don Bwambale shared the visuals for a song dubbed “Tulya-Bulamu” which is exciting to watch.

Working with DJ Janny and signed under my camp the rest of Zimba, he is destined to take the music industry by storm.

Tulya-Bulamu” is a local Luganda word that can be loosely translated to mean “Chope Life”.

In the video that has since been shared on his YouTube channel, Don Bwambale and other individuals in the video bring out the true image of enjoying life.

They are seen enjoying meat and beer as they groove to non-stop music in the company of ladies who also love partying.

Singer Don Bwambale is a talent to watch with the promising art of his style many of you have to take time and listen to how he aligns his lyrics and wordplay making his sound and music differ from the rest of the rising artists.

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He has so many songs in stock that he has yet to release as he is only calculating the best time to drop the songs at the moment when he feels it is the right time.

Based on the skill he has so displayed, we can confidently assert that music and Don Bwambale were made for each other and we affirm that it is no mistake that he chose to take the route of doing music.

Shortly, he will be one of the stars that music lovers will be yearning for to hit the stage when he drops a tune fans will find amazing

Take a gaze at the music video below;