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We Are Coming For Your Men After Exams- School Students Warn Married Women

A trending video of senior four students who are about to start their exams on Monday has ignited mixed feelings among women online.

The video shows the students sending out stern warming to all married women that immediately they get done with their exams, they will be back in full swing to torment their happiness.

This will be executed by playing hide and seek with their husbands as they brag about how pretty they look.

The final exams are going to be done on Monday 17th October 2022 and these students are already excited about how they will chew married men

According to the girls in the video, these married women should be scared because they are prettier so there is no way they are going to escape them.

With one of the girls identified as Sherinah, it has also come to our attention that these girls were in school by the time they recorded this video ahead of doing their UNEB Exams.

Senior Four students will be sitting for their exams as per the timetable below:
🔵 November 18th – Candidate Briefing
➡ November 21st – Start of UACE exams
➡ December 9th – End of UACE exams

Earlier this year, one student was forced to apologize after she recorded a message warning married women that she was coming to snatch their men.


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