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We go for a photoshoot – Doreen Kabareebe dares Shamim Malende’s boyfriend to prove he’s a fashionista

Renown city model Doreen Kabareeba dared Kampala Woman MP Shamim Malende’s husband for a photo shoot to prove that he is a fashionista.

Doreen Kabareebe dared Shamim Malende’s hubby for a photoshoot after the latter claimed that he is a fashionista to which the former doubted saying he just acts as the lawmaker’s errand boy who also doubles as her lover.

This was during the NBS TV UnCut show which Kareebe hosted with MC Kapale on Friday night in which Shamim Malende was interviewed to clear the air whether she is pregnant or not.

If he is a real fashionista, he should come and we go for a photoshoot.

Doreen Kabareebe

All the claims arose after Shamim Malende’s lover claimed that he does whatever Malende needs to do from driving her to everywhere she goes. Malende added that her lovers’ role is not to be the breadwinner at home.

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