Home Gossip Weasel reportedly battered for violating presidential directive on Covid-19

Weasel reportedly battered for violating presidential directive on Covid-19

News coming through on our desk indicates that singer Weasel Manizo is apparently nursing serious wounds after being severely battered by security officers for violating the presidential directive on Covid-19.

The singer was reportedly hammered at a road block along Salaam Road as he was cruising in his convertible ride in the company of three of his other friends.

It is reported that when Weasel reached the road block, he got involved in an exchange of words with the security officers and when the debate heat up, he was bundled and beaten for flouting the presidential directive which bars private vehicles from moving.

As the story is still developing, we hope the singer is not in a very bad state, and if arrested, he will have to pay a fine for disobeying the presidential rules.

It is reported that when the other three colleagues of Weasel saw their boss being treated in a bad style, they ran for their dear lives fearing to be arrested to languish in police cells.

For now, we wish Weasel a quick recovery if at all he is left to return to his home of residence.

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