Home Gossip Wedding Preparations In The Offing: Shakib reportedly asks to meet Zari’s father

Wedding Preparations In The Offing: Shakib reportedly asks to meet Zari’s father

Reports coming through disclose that Zari Hassan’s new catch Shakib Lutaaya wants to meet her father, Nasur Hassan.

The updates came to light after a Tik Tok video clip made its way online showing the two getting cozy as Zari hit at her critics who predicted that her affair with Shakib was to end in tears.

Zari: “You want to meet my dad?”

Shakib: [Nods heads up and down in agreement while sheepishly smiling].

Zari: “Tell him what, that you want to marry me? People, the woman has been taken off the market… The woman has been taken.”

Zari Hassan, the mother of five, then turned to lock Shakib’s lips after making the statements that excited her.

She went on to throw shade at her critics telling them to go get a refund of their money from witch doctors who were bewitching her relationship.

“He told me yesterday that he wants to meet my father. He wants to ask for a hand in marriage. Those who were saying it will end in tears I told you to go and ask for a refund from your witch doctors, witchcraft didn’t work,” Zari says in the video which has been making rounds on social media.

She adds “If you no longer have the capital to use,… borrow and get more witchcraft because the one you are using is not working… I’m very happy… Go get a refund.”

While at the launch of B-Club at Garden City in Kampala at the end of July, Zari confirmed that they were planning to get married and have kids together.

Zari, who is 41, has five children from two marriages. With the late Ivan Ssemwanga, whom she divorced in 2013, she sired Pinto Semwanga, George Semwanga, and Dido Semwanga.


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