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We’re Working On It – Zari On Having A Child With Shakib

Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan says she and her husband, Mr. Shakib Lutaaya have plans to have a child together as a married couple.

The pair recently walked down the aisle in a very beautiful colorful ceremony that was held in South Africa a few weeks ago.

Since they tied the knot, several of their followers have been asking them if they have any plans of having a child as a power couple.

Speaking in a TV interview, Zari stressed that she and Mr. Lutaaya are working on it.

The couple, who share almost everything with their online family, has announced their plans to have a child.

The boss lady mentioned that the two are working day and night to make their dream of having a child together a reality.

“It’s in our plans to have a child. Mr. Lutaya and I are working on it,” she mentioned in an interview with a local television.

Zari and Shakib have been together for over two years, and it seems like they are not planning to separate anytime soon.

It will actually feel nice to see Zari Hassan pregnant again carrying Mr. Lutaaya’s child in her womb.


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